Optimum guidance in matters of commercial law – and beyond

Hueberli Lawyers specialises in national and international commercial law issues. We provide entrepreneurs with guidance in labour law matters, support them in challenging contract negotiations and assist them with complex transactions. As part of your Board of Directors, we can apply our expertise even more actively in your company and assist you even more closely in successful corporate development.

Where in your business do you have legal issues we can tackle?

Specialist area – commercial law:

Hueberli Lawyers offers tailored advice, support and solutions for all commercial law transactions and change processes. We provide advisory services in the following areas:

– Formation of companies
– Comprehensive start-up support
– Financing rounds
– Shareholder agreements
– Amendments to Articles of Association (changes of registered office, name changes, changes of purpose, etc.)
– Changes in members of Boards of Directors/auditors
– Corporate governance
– Organisation of Board of Directors
– Share purchase agreements and equity share assignments
– Conducting annual general meetings of shareholders
– Capital increases or decreases
– Group law
– Holding structures
– Corporate succession
– Restructuring

Hueberli Lawyers has a wealth of experience to provide you with competent and efficient support in every imaginable transaction:

– Restructuring (share deals, asset deals)
– Mergers, divisions, conversions and other transactions under the Swiss Mergers Act (Fusionsgesetz)
– Due diligence
– Joint ventures
– Set-up and supervision of different fund structures in Switzerland and abroad
– Set-up and supervision of private equity and venture capital structures
– Devising, planning and executing exit strategies

We advise companies and entrepreneurs on contract drafting, contract negotiations and contract execution, in particular:

– Purchase agreements (share purchase agreements, property purchase agreements, trade agreements, etc.)
– General terms and conditions
– Employment contracts
– Licence and software agreements
– Cooperation agreements, joint venture agreements
– Loan agreements
– Sureties, guarantee agreements
– Contract law, trust agreements
– Rental agreements, leasehold agreements
– Leasing agreements, financing agreements
– Contracts for work and services
– Agency agreements, broker agreements

Our specialists provide advice and support in all labour law matters, for example:

– Drafting employment contracts
– Termination of employment relationships, termination, dismissal, termination agreements
– Enforcement of non-competition clauses
– Drafting employee regulations
– Devising equity participation plans for employees
– Devising virtual employee equity participation plans (e.g. phantom stock)
– Remuneration and bonus schemes for managers
– Privacy
– Representation in employment-related disputes
– Securing residence and work permits

Hueberli Lawyers will assist you in everything from devising a suitable structure and obtaining any necessary licences right through to fulfilling regulatory requirements. We are on hand to provide you with advice and assistance in the following areas:

– Collective investments (investment funds, SICAVs, SICAFs)
– Compliance, anti-money laundering and corporate criminal law
– Stock exchange listings, IPOs
– Asset management
– Securities trading
– Transaction financing
– Advising investment funds

Innovation and development are the cornerstones of economic success. We make sure that your developments, trademarks and designs are optimally protected, both nationally and internationally. We provide advisory services in the following areas:

– Global implementation of the procedures for registering trademarks and designs
– Copyright law
– Author’s rights
– Patent law
– IP agreements, licensing agreements, franchise agreements, author’s agreements
– Antitrust law
– Assistance in the investigation of anticompetitive behaviour
– Horizontal and vertical agreements, abuse of a market-dominant position
– Advice on unfair competition or violations against consumer protection law

The importance of digital services and Internet-based business models is growing rapidly. As a young commercial law firm, we are well-versed in these matters and fully equipped to support you in the following areas:

– Software agreements, licensing agreements
– Infrastructure, hardware and software development agreements
– Consultancy, support, maintenance, service and service level agreements (SLA)
– Implementation of IT outsourcing projects
– Data protection law, assessing conformity with data protection law (including GDPR), privacy statements
– Blockchain and crypto agreements
– Token generation events (TGE) and initial coin offerings (ICO)


Additional specialist areas relevant to entrepreneurs and individuals:

We take entrepreneurs’ personal wealth management into our capable hands so they can concentrate fully on their core business. We draft tailored matrimonial and inheritance agreements, act as last will executors and take care of the administration of estates. We can provide you with assistance in the following areas:

– Inheritance agreements
– Inheritance renunciation contracts
– Wills
– Formation of foundations and trusts in Switzerland and abroad
– Estate planning, estate division
– Corporate succession
– Will execution
– Right of residence, usufruct
– Advance directives
– Living wills

Legal issues arise regularly not only in everyday business, but in private lives, too. For that reason, we are also available for any family law issues you may have:

– Matrimonial agreements, most-favoured status
– Matrimonial property law, community of accrued gains, separation of property
– Partnership law
– Cohabitation rules, cohabitation agreements
– Advance directives
– Living wills

Are you a property owner, investor, architect or building developer looking for comprehensive legal assistance in real estate? We would be happy to assist you in the following areas:

– Tenancy law, rental agreements, leasehold agreements
– Architectural contracts
– Contracts for work and services
– Real estate transactions
– Approval procedures
– Property purchase agreements, creation of preemptive, repurchase and purchase rights
– Mortgages, borrower’s notes
– Right of residence, usufruct

As notaries public of the canton of St. Gallen, we offer certifications and notarisations in Wattwil and Rapperswil. Working together towards a comprehensive solution is our key priority in this. Find out more about our notary services.